Post Heavy Weekend Smoothie

by Jenny

Last weekend my lovely boyfriend and I had the pleasure of hosting the fantastic Haj and Becky for the bank holiday.

{Dan and I/Haj and Becky}

They are two of the funniest people I have ever met, and they are absolutely perfect for each other. Mix this with just the right amount of ridiculousness and a bucket load of alcohol and I don’t think we have ever or will ever have a bad time together.

{favourite cafe Willow’s cute jar glasses/delicious egg mayo sandwich/sweet bunting/vintage crates}

They even survived meeting my inner holiday nerd and still wanted to see us again!

{coffee cherry tea – very caffienated/best cappuccino in Canterbury}

Everytime we meet up it feels like we revert to our younger, University student-selves. There are brutal drinking games, late nights, junk food dinners and lots of sweets.


It’s beginning to feel a little exhausting on my not-20-anymore self, and after their visits now follows a detox consisting of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and pints of icey water.

{1 shot whisky mixed with 1 shot red wine – not recommended}

This juice is the perfect antidote to a weekend of over-indulgence. It’s sweet but fresh, and the mint helps soothe a sensitive stomach.

{best hang over food from Supernoodle – should food be that shiny?}

Feeling Delicate Juice
from Channel 4 Food
serves 2

4 kiwis
1 apple
20g fresh mint

Peel the kiwis and juice.

Quarter and core the apple and juice.

Juice the mint, stir and pour over ice.

{all finished}

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