Chocolate Mousse

by Jenny


In true holiday style I have been debating the merits of V Day with a male co-worker (who dislikes any day that deems itself more special than the average Tuesday) and am now well and truly excited.

I am skipping lunch so I can leave early to give me a head start on making dinner, the menu has been planned, the cheesy ‘90s rom-com has been chosen, and all that is left is for the clock to reach home time.

It’s been interesting asking around what everyone is doing tonight; one co-worker said ‘her birthday was ten days ago so I just wrote happy birthday/valentine’s day in the card’ another asked ‘where would one purchase rose petals?’. The budgets vary just as wildly, with one guy complaining that he would be spending £120 on the silly day, which involved him going out to one of his favourite restaurants so I’m not sure where the hardship really lies.

As with most holidays, for me, the emphasis is on the food. I love any excuse to make something a little bit out of the ordinary, and tonight is no exception. If like me, you will be spending part of your Valentine’s evening creating magic in the kitchen, this could be the perfect dessert for you.

I wish I could say that I was making this tonight, but as my lovely boyfriend doesn’t like the texture of anything creamy (so no tiramisu or profiteroles for me) I will be making apple crumble. Luckily for me I have some wonderful friends, with broader palates to inflict this dessert upon, which meant I got to scoff two (mine and my boyfriend’s) of these over the weekend!

adapted from Gordon Ramsey’s recipe
serves 4

150g dark chocolate
250ml creme fraiche
284ml whipping cream
1 tblsp of something to sweeten the cream i.e. icing sugar/honey/golden syrup

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water, reserving about ⅙ of the chocolate for decoration.

When the chocolate is melted, but cool (you don’t want it to warm as it will melt the cream) mix in the creme fraiche.

Whisk the cream with the sugar/syrup until it forms soft peaks, and fold into the mixture.

Divide into serving bowls and grate the remaining chocolate over the top.

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