Month: November, 2011


One of the benefits of working for a college is the plethora of activities the Students Union put on, which is how my lovely boyfriend and I ended up in Brugges on Saturday (special thanks again to Tony and Dan for organising it!).  The vote was unanimous, we both agreed with Harry (Ralph Fiennes- In [...]

Easy Canapes

If age is how you feel and not how many years you’ve been on this planet, I would probably still only be 15: awkward, unsure about fashion and prone to the occasional comfort-eating binge.  I don’t have much hope that those traits will ever change.  But every now and then I get the inexplicable proof [...]

Jam Thumbprint Cookies

by Desiree Forget cheesecake or apple pie, thumbprint cookies are my REAL American classic dessert. Although origin of these little cookies is unclear (it’s speculated that they were created in Eastern Europe), you can find them all across the U.S. I remember having these since I was a kid, craving Knott’s Berry Farm’s version, every [...]

Marrakech Express

I have a terrible secret habit.  Only a few people know about it.  It is fueled by my crazy obsession with lists and colour coding with highlighters.  I am a holiday nerd.  I am that insane person on the plane boring everyone with facts and figures, brandishing Dorling Kindersley travel guides, and folders full of [...]

Change of Address

It’s been a while (almost a month) but I’m back! Well, almost back; one of the challenges I set myself when I started this blog was to become better acquainted with the world of website design, and after a few technical hiccups with the last site I used, I decided to grab the proverbial bull [...]

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