Lemon and Lemon Thyme Loaf

by Jenny

More baking for Grandparents today, and again not my own.  Lacking on time, and baking for a diabetic I decided to have a stab at a lemon drizzle loaf as it was lacking in a equal parts sponge to icing.The recipe was basic; finally one that I followed to the letter, which gave me time to think about few basic baking tips I have picked up over the years.

* If a recipe calls for you to beat butter and sugar together before adding the egg, whisk a table spoon full of flour into the creamed sugar and butter first as it will stop the eggs separating the mixture.

* After greasing baking tins pat plain flour into them to stop the cake sticking.

* Whisk butter on it’s own before adding sugar to it as it softens it and minimised the amount of mess created.

* When icing a layer cake if you put four squares of baking paper under the cake covering the stand it protects it from mess whilst you work.

* Rubbing onto the spoon before you use it to measure treacle/syrup stops it from sticking to it.

As for the cake, lemon drizzle loaf is by far my favourite cake, I love the balance between sweet and sour, and the lack of mounds of buttery icing.  I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t taste the lemon thyme, so I would increase the amount next time.

I took more time setting the scene for my photographs, which paid off, sprinkling left over ingredients around the table to explain the flavourings of the cake.  The shadow’s are a little stronger than I would have liked, I will have to work more on arranging the lighting next time.

{tea party}
{lemons and lemon thyme}
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